I love all phases of design. At this point there are few types of design projects I have not had in depth experience with. Mobile and desktop software, industrial design, packaging, e-commerce, enterprise, animation and video production, book illustration and publication, all forms of advertising, interior design. While recently I have settled more into the software design realm, my passion continues to solve all sorts of design challenges. I always seek the balance of form and function, delightful and pragmatic. I am excited at all steps of the process, from the ideation and napkin scribbling, to the pixel pushing and production implementation. Design challenges are always an opportunity to think outside the box and find the right solution albeit simple or complex. Having worked at large companies like Sony and Gap and then being one of the founding designers at the now public company, Roku, as well as all stages of startups, I have seen the application of many ideas, big and small. Design remains a necessary medium in this world of increasing complexity and awe. 

Some skill keywords: 
- user-interface design
- application/information architecture
- design strategy
- user-experience and interaction design
- ui prototyping
- mobile, tablet, and desktop software design
- digital art direction
- branding & identity
- motion graphics
- e-commerce
- digital asset management
- packaging design
- publication design
- vector illustration

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